Examining the Police Personality

If you studied criminal justice in college, chances are that at some point you were forced to write a term paper on “the police personality.” I wasn’t a criminal justice major myself, but I know this because every time something new on the subject finds its way on to the internet I get a Google “alert.”  
Researchers have been intrigued with the police personality for well over 30 years, beginning with criminology professor Jerome Skolnic’s work A Sketch of the Policeman’s Working Personality in 1977. Most cops, on the other hand, don’t really care about the topic. 
It’s when we’ve made a commitment to ourselves to lead healthy, happy, productive lives that knowing something about the police personality becomes valuable. Most of the land mines police officers hit throughout our career (divorce, substance abuse, depression, coronary disease) have roots in our own personality. Simply put, cops are a “type,” and that type can lead to our own undoing.  
Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Let’s be more specific and say that for cops, the unexamined life will likely lead to a shorter, sicklier and less happy life. 
Personalities - our well worn attitudes, beliefs and worldviews - mostly remain stable over time. Our moods are fickle. They change all day long. Personalities, not so much. We can change our personalities, it just requires time and effort.  
The first question is, “Is there a police personality?” Yes, there is.  Okay, we’ve settled that, now let’s talk about two competing theories for how we “get” the police personality. 
Importation Theory says that the police personality is created by picking out from the sea of humanity, a certain type of person to be police officers. Pick, pick, pick. Remember the psych. tests you took when applying for the job? The ones where you felt they were trying to set you up?
True or False
1. I’d like to be a librarian?
2. Sometimes I hear voices that no one else hears?
Fill in the blank.
1. When my mother ___________ I feel ashamed.
2. Sometimes I cry when _________.
Those tests were meant to weed out “undesirable” types. Risk managers have decided that psychotic, impulsive, or timid people don’t make good cops. When all the schizophrenic, loose canon, introverts have been weeded out, the police department is left with us. Thus, we’re an “imported” type. You may be interested to know that police psychologists are much better at weeding “out” people than weeding them “in.” 
Then, there’s Socialization Theory, which states we’re not a type when we start the job but that the police culture shapes us into the police personality. I’ll leave it at that. A considerable amount of empirical support can be found for both theories. 
SO WHAT “TYPE” ARE WE?  [note: you’re probably going to think, “I’m not x or y!” Remember, there’s well over 900,000 cops in the U.S. alone. These traits are based on LARGE samples of law enforcement personnel].
Compared to the general population cops tend to be:
Action oriented
Scientists have developed scales for every trait you see above. They can be measured and compared to others. 
Okay, so now we know what that the police personality is a type and what that type is. How can knowing this make you a happier, healthier human being? 
Let’s call the above traits, The Big Seven. If you “examine” your life as my man Socrates suggests, the first thing to do is commit the Big Seven to memory. Put ‘em on a flash card or something. Why? Because awareness is more than half the battle. That’s what I tell my therapy clients. Really. If you’re aware of a problem, symptom or in this case, a personality trait you can begin to see how it operates in your life. For some reason, simply being aware of it can lessen it’s harmful consequences. 
Take one trait that and pay attention to how it creeps into your life, even when your not on duty. Suspiciousness, for example, is part of a cops hardwiring. It makes us better officers. However, our spouses, friends and children may find it trying when we’re constantly scanning for nefarious activity while at the movie theater or restaurant. Don’t completely let your guard down, just be AWARE of it. Awareness will give you more options. Maybe, just maybe, the weird dude two houses down isn’t a pedophile. 

Awareness is an attitude. It’s not as easy as it sounds because it requires attention and some level of personal commitment. I hope you pay attention and have made a commitment to staying in shape physically. You better have your ass in the gym because you don’t get to pick the time some parolee wants to kill you. They get to pick the time. 
Likewise, I encourage you to make a personal commitment to your mental health. Paying attention to how the police personality can detract from your wellness isn’t as concrete as doing push-ups, but the benefits are similar. 


I know it's late, but my day was really long - I have cleaned my parents house, made shopping, visited my grandma, had a biiig dinner... well, anyways - Christmas Eve is time for presents so... I have one for you, my dearest readers!

For the last 2 weeks I have been working hard on my two dresses designs to become real garments. Why? Well... I got an invitation for HARPER'S BAZAAR (Czech edition)!!! ^__^ My friend, a stylist, Magda was arranging a fashion photoshoot for HB and needed some romantic spring pieces, asked me to design and sew some. I didn't hesitate and started cooperation with Eliza and Werka from Eliwer, because they were my first association with pastel flower look. Well here is a short photo story - from drawing to a cloth.

One dress (gray) I sew almost myself and the other one (pink) is made by the professional sewer. I love this lady and we will definitely work on my collection together! ^_^And speaking of which... we (me and Eliwer) are going to make a romantic, power-flower collection from summer! ^_^

So many things happening! I am so happy, you can't imagine! ^_____^ I am so amazed how I managed to create a dress like that with no school!

The editorial is not such a sure thing, but still - it motivates! Hope the photoshoot will go well and the editors will like it ^_^ It feels so weird, because for the first time I am not a photographer in a photoshoot that excites me so much! I love learning how does it feel to be a designer!

So... What do you think? :) Do you like these dresses?

Christmas, Christmas... oh, whatever ;)

I'm not a religious person, I just love spending some quiet, lazy time with my family. And Christmas is the only time we are almost together. This year I wanted to cook and bake a lot, but my mom always needs to do everything by herself (oh, we're so much alike! :D). So we made with M. an apple pie, gingerbread cookies (named signed Charlotte Rouge) and reindeer muffins ^_^

 Can you see whole reindeer family? Reindeer from Men in Black, cyclops reindeer and other mad or sad ones :D

I just wanted to wish you all a very nice holidays, so you can spend it with your dear family and friends, rest, slow down, find strength to face the upcoming new year :) And I hope you'll find a lot fashion treasures in 2011, wear them with passion and be just happy :)

I also wanted to share with you my newest publications: an interview in Corridor40 and becoming a part of Teen VOUGE Fashion Click! ^_^ Take a look at both sites - you can find there inspiration - bloggers, photos, clothes :)

"A self-proclaimed creation addict, fashion blogger Natalie of Natalie’s Fashion Workshop, otherwise known as Charlotte Rogue, has created quite the fashion repertoire over the last year. A clothing designer, blogger, photographer, model and student, Charlotte has proven herself to be a fast-moving entrepreneur, always searching for her next inspiration. Recently, we caught up with Charlotte—who touched on the importance of knowing what you want, and making your dreams come true."
I'm totally rouge right now ^_^"

Remember to come by tomorrow to see what I've got for you for Christmass ^_^

And the winner is...

Karina (wiedzma.karina@gmail.com)

Karina - we look forward to seeing you in the headband ^_^

I have also prepared second and third places for: Pithsala, Bethel and DoTheTwist :)

I have a great surprise for you, guys! So see you here on the 24th of December... ^_^

Sales treasures.

I would never think that I'll buy some more clothes this year... but sales are on and I found some great clothes, that I just had to have ^_^ My M. is going to kill me for this fashion addiction ^_^ But hey, what's a girl to do? ^__^

I'd like to show the last birthday presents I got and it's a corset with leopard prints, red-orange lipstick and grayish brown nail polish. I love them! <3

And about sales... my first red dress (I think I am finally ready to wear one), that makes me feel like a real woman ^_^ - bought in H&M for 60 zł! Simple and chic!
I prefer to wear in a rock&roll way with black heavy boots. Reminds of Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil.

A feather skirt from Mango... love <3 I was looking for it for a long time and when I finally found it and saw the price... I gave up. But when I went back again to Mango to buy a sweater.. there she was - beautiful and cute as before, but... cheaper! ^_^ It's still expensive though, but I am in love with it's cuteness!

And the last but least is this gorgeous simple, tight camel sweater from Mango <3

Here you can also see my black hat with wide brim. I have narrowed the brim to make it more comfortable and stylish. The previous one was too big and I looked ridiculous.

So, what do you think about my new arrivals? ;)

I thought that maybe this shopping will make my wardrobe complete... but now I feel like buying a red, chic, silk shirt ^_^

Oh, and don't forget - the giveaway ends today! Tomorrow I'll announce the winner ^_^

Vintage mobile phone case - DIY

Here's a sneak peak of my new corset which I got for my birthday from my mum ^_^ I'll post some more shots soon.

I always liked to do everything on my own - but only if I could do it well ;) Since I own a sewing machine I try to sew a lot. I needed a new mobile phone case, because I bought a new (very big :() phone, so... I decided to make one :) I had some cloth (left from a curtain from IKEA) and an old brooch I stole from my mum ^_^ They are both in kinda baroque style and I thought that they must go with each other.
So - my point is - if you can sew (by hand or with a sewing machine) and you want to do for yourself or for anyone else (for example: a Christmas present made by heart)... Here is a tutorial how to make a simple mobile phone case! :)

1. Cut a shape from a fabric that matches the size of your phone (it has to be twice bigger on the side if you are folding it).
2. Turn it on the left and hem (with a strengthened stitch) the struggling sides of the fabric.

Here are my hemming options
(you can see a photo with Andrej Pejic on wallpaper ;))

3. Fold inside (about 1 cm) the top part, and sew the fold together (with a simple stitch).
Next sew (with a simple stitch) 3 sides together (left, bottom, right), so there is a whole on the top.
My piece of fabric is folded on the left side, so I only needed to sew the bottom and the right side.

4. Turn it on the right side and push the bottom corners out with a finger or a pen.

5. Add anything you want - a brooch like I did, or anything else you like (studs, sequins, etc.).
6. And it's... done :)

Don't forget to enter my first giveaway - here!

If you're interested in knowing a little bit more about Eliwer, take a look at my photos I took and styled. They all contain Eliwer products like headbands and necklaces.

Models: Sonya, Klaudia @ WonderModels

I became a part of Korean website about street fashion - Yozo. There are lots of bloggers taking part in it. It's aimed to give Korean girls a look at real people modeling (just like fashion bloggers), because in Korea using lookbook or chictopia is not so popular. Take a look at my profile:

It's been a year...

...since I wrote the first note on my blog! If you have read it or even been here with me all this time you can see how far my fashion life has gone. I have changed a lot in my life, my sense of fashion has evolved so much and what's most important for me now is decision about designing my own clothes. This is my future. I am really thankful to my readers, all people featuring and interviewing me. It made me think about my image and made me more fashion conscious. So once more... Thank you, guys! <3

Time for some stats! :)

- 51 posts and 213 comments
- over 42000 visits
- over 50 readers (Google + Bloglovin')
- over 100 fans on Facebook
- over 800 fans on Lookbook
- over 10 features/interviews
- 3 style contests won

I know that there are blogs with like 4000 readers and 10000 views everyday. For me every reader is precious. Those people with thousands of fans don't even have time or will to reply to flattering emails. I was one of that sad fans, that couldn't get in touch with great inspiration, a real person...

And now time for some fresh features!

My photo has been used for an online shop's website layout! It's called AndSecondly and has some great clothes to buy - you gotta check them out! And secondly... I was featured on the same site as a blogger on Speddbloggin'^_^

The next feature is about my latest photoshoot (made for DEW MAGAZINE). It is published along great models and photographers at DesignScene! It's the second time, when my photos are at DesignScene :) (first one was with my diploma)

But what's most important in this post is... my first... birthday-Christmas GIVEAWAY! ^____^
My dear friends, Eliza and Weronika from Eliwer, have made specially for me a beautiful, rock&roll headband and I am giving it away to one of my lovely fans!

What can you do to get a present for my blog's birthday?
1. Comment this post with giving your e-mail adress.
2. Tell me why is it you, that should get this lovely headband - it can be a story or just one sentence.

What can you do, do enlarge your chances?
1. Follow Eliwer's blog on Bloglovin' or Google
2. Become my fan on Facebook.
3. Sing a song, draw something or write a poem about my blog ^__^

The deadline is Monday, 20.12.10, 12:00 PM.
I will also consider second and third gifts for the most interesting entries :)

Here's me in a winter Eliwer :)

So Happy Birthday to you, Natalie's fashion workshop! :)

Fashion Business Conference & Ola Kawałko's fashion show

You already know, that I was attending an event called Fashion Business Conference on the 9th of December. I even brought my fiancée with me, met some friends - Maldoror, who's a Polish designer and Magdalena Olek, who runs a new fashion website called 'Looksfery'. More about them you'll hear from me soon, but for now I'd like to share my opinion about this event...

Photos by: 1. (left) M. 2.(right) Oktawian Górnik

First of all the location - a studio with great space and climate, lightning was stirring! Second - the substance of the conference - very informative, less teaching. What I've found most useful was subject of e-tail - on-line shops and relevant issues. I'm gonna use this knowledge while starting my own store :) The lunch - terrible - we missed it, couldn't even get a bite - definitely it was too small (in quantity and dimension). Frequency - terrible too. Only in the middle of the event there were about 40-50 people, but in the end... not more than 20. The price too high, the promotion too low. I enjoyed it, but so could a lot more people... Anyways - it's the first edition - hope the next ones will be better :)
And the fashion show... splendid! Although the debuting designer, Ola Kawałko, was very nervous and so where the models, the show looked very professional! Music was wonderful - energetic, sensual, had this great rhythm. And the collection is wonderful! <3
Like I said in my previous post, a model from my agency, Meggie, had her first fashion show and she did great! <3
Wanna see more? Check out my reportage:

Me and Meg <3

Oh, I want those wedges so badly!

I absolutely adore her <3

M. <3

I love this photo <3