Christmas, Christmas... oh, whatever ;)

I'm not a religious person, I just love spending some quiet, lazy time with my family. And Christmas is the only time we are almost together. This year I wanted to cook and bake a lot, but my mom always needs to do everything by herself (oh, we're so much alike! :D). So we made with M. an apple pie, gingerbread cookies (named signed Charlotte Rouge) and reindeer muffins ^_^

 Can you see whole reindeer family? Reindeer from Men in Black, cyclops reindeer and other mad or sad ones :D

I just wanted to wish you all a very nice holidays, so you can spend it with your dear family and friends, rest, slow down, find strength to face the upcoming new year :) And I hope you'll find a lot fashion treasures in 2011, wear them with passion and be just happy :)

I also wanted to share with you my newest publications: an interview in Corridor40 and becoming a part of Teen VOUGE Fashion Click! ^_^ Take a look at both sites - you can find there inspiration - bloggers, photos, clothes :)

"A self-proclaimed creation addict, fashion blogger Natalie of Natalie’s Fashion Workshop, otherwise known as Charlotte Rogue, has created quite the fashion repertoire over the last year. A clothing designer, blogger, photographer, model and student, Charlotte has proven herself to be a fast-moving entrepreneur, always searching for her next inspiration. Recently, we caught up with Charlotte—who touched on the importance of knowing what you want, and making your dreams come true."
I'm totally rouge right now ^_^"

Remember to come by tomorrow to see what I've got for you for Christmass ^_^