I need your help!

Dear readers and lovers of Charlotte Rouge!

I am participating in a contest called 'Artists Wanted' as a photographer. I need your votes for the People's Choice Award. I really really want to win - this is my chance to show my work to the whole world and maybe finally my dream of being a famous fashion photographer will come true. I usually don't do this - ask for votes everyone that I know - but this time I have a chance to win something very big, important and that's why I'm calling for support.

All you need to do is click every day till Friday (4th of February) at my portfolio: Artists Wanted 2010 and there click at 5 stars.

I will really appreciate your help! Thank you, loves! <3


I'm back from the dead! I hope you'll forgive me this month of absence. After I came back from the snowboard trip first my modem got broken (no internet access is killing!) and then I got seriously ill so I had 2 weeks of doing absolutely nothing! It was like a rehab! When I got back on my feet I went shopping for textiles so I can finish my spring collection. I am so late with that, but I won't give up and I really really want to finish it - as fast as possible!
I am working on my logo and brand image, but making definite decisions like that is the most difficult thing to do for me. I hope to start the website soon and have all done in March - the lookbook, promo shoot and the on-line store. I so hope that you'll like what I am doing. I am trying very hard to make these clothes look good and at the same time to be comfortable and affordable. After I finish the spring collection I will do a summer one - continuing the Charlotte Rouge & Eliwer cooperation.

No more talking, time for some clothes! :)
I've been waiting to try this dress on (yes, it's a dress :)) as a skirt  for a long time. I wasn't used to wearing maxi bottoms, but I promised on the new years eve to change it - so here it is :)

After these warm days came I felt like spring is coming too... but it's -1 and snowing again so... false alarm. Anyways - here is my false spring welcoming:

Remember the post with outfits for contests? Well I won in two of them ^_^
Here's the Christmas look and the most precious thing winning entries links.


Let me introduce my new discovery - it's beautiful red-haired Klaudia <3 I produced and styled with my friend Olga a test photoshoot for her! See my clothes in a new scene :)

See more of Klaudia at WonderModels website


So it's 2011... can't believe, that the year ended so quickly. I wonder how much time will I need to remember to write .11 not .10 in contracts... God, time runs so fast. And the last week especially. It was very lazy. I was suppose to finish the sketches for my collection, but ended in front of TV or... snowboarding at local little hill. Now I have a hurting ass and some sadness inside, because I didn't go anywhere for the New Years Eve. Well, nobody has invited to a party us nor we didn't want to make one. Anyways - you'll find no crazy party look here today. I just put my lovely fringe dress and slims to feel good this evening. We played Broderlands and Rock Band, watched some movies and drunk delicious champagne :) So... my new year's fashion resolution is... to start wearing maxi dresses as casual clothing! ^_^

Here are my latest looks:

My gorgeous red dress for the Christmas Eve <3

As you can see I have a new maxi dress. It's from H&M i just bought it 2 days ago. Isn't it lovely? ^_^ The look is for contest about your most precious piece of clothing - here my bag ^_^ I know it's an accessory - hope they will accept my entry.

And here's my look for Reserved contest (the new year's eve outfit must have at least one piece from Reserved - here is the blouse with puffy sleeves).

I am leaving tomorrow to spend real holiday and learn how to ride on snowboard. It's the first time I will go into mountains in winter! Hope I won't break any leg! ^_^

I have a nice photoshoot I styled to show you! ^_^ Stay tuned!

PS. Thank you all for kind comments about my first dresses! <3
PS 2. DoTheTwist - contact me please via email, I can't get in touch with you about the giveaway.