I'm back from the dead! I hope you'll forgive me this month of absence. After I came back from the snowboard trip first my modem got broken (no internet access is killing!) and then I got seriously ill so I had 2 weeks of doing absolutely nothing! It was like a rehab! When I got back on my feet I went shopping for textiles so I can finish my spring collection. I am so late with that, but I won't give up and I really really want to finish it - as fast as possible!
I am working on my logo and brand image, but making definite decisions like that is the most difficult thing to do for me. I hope to start the website soon and have all done in March - the lookbook, promo shoot and the on-line store. I so hope that you'll like what I am doing. I am trying very hard to make these clothes look good and at the same time to be comfortable and affordable. After I finish the spring collection I will do a summer one - continuing the Charlotte Rouge & Eliwer cooperation.

No more talking, time for some clothes! :)
I've been waiting to try this dress on (yes, it's a dress :)) as a skirt  for a long time. I wasn't used to wearing maxi bottoms, but I promised on the new years eve to change it - so here it is :)

After these warm days came I felt like spring is coming too... but it's -1 and snowing again so... false alarm. Anyways - here is my false spring welcoming:

Remember the post with outfits for contests? Well I won in two of them ^_^
Here's the Christmas look and the most precious thing winning entries links.