Feather love

We share one love with Juliett <3
And yeah, I got a tattoo ^_^


All about Juliett

I had a chance to photograph Juliett K. from Maffashion and I gotta tell you - she is one my of favourite models now ;) She's so natural, loose, cute and sexy in a way that my ideal woman would be. She has thousands of fans for just being herself. And though some think that she's broken because of the 'fame' - it's all jealousy! - she handles it perfectly and just makes her dreams come true, like we all wish to do. I know her blog almost from the beginning, I didn't always like her style, but I admired her for being a great inspiration - she was mixing clothes that we thought they'd never go with! I met her in person a month ago in Cocktail'me showroom, where she works. First, I couldn't believe that it's really her, but after a while I said hi and from her smile I knew immediately that she's a great girl. Now she helps me fulfill my dreams and supports Charlotte Rouge in every possible way, which I am very thankful for her <3 Today came out new issue of JOY Magazine with gorgeous J. in my designs. So, what do you think?

Trumpets! I feel like dancing!

I won an illustration of me in Mischel's giveaway!

I got inspired by Beyonce lately - her new album and her September cover story for Harper's Bazaar UK. I wish I was that strong woman... and dance so well! :D

I finally got my beloved sunglasses! <3

My very own Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

I got myself pink Foxies by Jeffrey Campbell! <3 It's all thanks to High Life, who brought those fabulous shoes to Poland! So girls! If you wanna have those beauties on your feet - don't hesitate and visit their site ^_^ Foxies are very comfortable and though very high - I have no problem in walking :D Love them! <3

Say hello, wave goodbye

I love this skirt <3

I bought some nail polishes and feel like my collection is full ^_^

No studs no love.

Studded jacket and handbag (coming soon!) by Charlotte Rouge.

Helping future police retirees.

Smith College in Mass. is doing some research aimed at helping future retirees. Specifically, they want to find out about risk factors for posttraumatic stress. One retired police officer says, ‘PTSD, is a lot of crap consisting of bloody horrors, sounds, sights and smells you never wanted to see in the first place and now you can't forget.’1  Yeah, that. 

If you're a retiree - especially FEMALES - they could use your help. The lead researcher, Dr. Pole, said many participants in the survey felt a bit of healing just by reflecting back on their police career in this way. That makes sense to me. Anyway, they'll put some money in your pocket for participating, but the reward really comes from knowing you may be helping future retirees enjoy their lives more. 

Please post where appropriate and pass on the following link to any retiree willing to help, 


1. Dupay. D. (2009). This is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. From the Salem News online.  http://www.salem-news.com/articles/august052009/ptsd_dp_8-4-09.php

Exotic heart

This is my goodbye to summer.
I feel refreshed, but regret that I couldn't take a trip to Tropics. 

Now I am longing for scarves and sweaters <3


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