All about Juliett

I had a chance to photograph Juliett K. from Maffashion and I gotta tell you - she is one my of favourite models now ;) She's so natural, loose, cute and sexy in a way that my ideal woman would be. She has thousands of fans for just being herself. And though some think that she's broken because of the 'fame' - it's all jealousy! - she handles it perfectly and just makes her dreams come true, like we all wish to do. I know her blog almost from the beginning, I didn't always like her style, but I admired her for being a great inspiration - she was mixing clothes that we thought they'd never go with! I met her in person a month ago in Cocktail'me showroom, where she works. First, I couldn't believe that it's really her, but after a while I said hi and from her smile I knew immediately that she's a great girl. Now she helps me fulfill my dreams and supports Charlotte Rouge in every possible way, which I am very thankful for her <3 Today came out new issue of JOY Magazine with gorgeous J. in my designs. So, what do you think?