summer, i've missed you

My new white shirt from River Island <3 I look like hermes on this pictures :D

The opening of my online store is so close! Excited! <3
See you on Wednesday ^_^

Meet Charlotte Rouge - ss11 promo clip

This is something we've all been waiting for... the promo clip for my fashion debut!

Movie by Only Only (
Music by Projekt NOD (

We are closer to the premier than we've ever been before. Visit my new website on June 1st for more experience...

Thank you for your support and patience! Please, share your opinion about the movie, the first look at my collection and share your excitement with everyone else! Help me get to every women interested in fashion! :)

Vogue Girl Korea and me in it ^_^

 I am so excited! The issue of Korean Vogue Girl has just came by post! I couldn't tell you before, but I have taken some pictures specially for this magazine and its 'my vintage romance' topic. If you want more here are the original photos:

Studs, leather and black. My love to rock and punk culture will never die. Here is the belt, hand bag and purse. You can also see an old camera. These days I rather photograph with this one than with the professional equipment :) Love this time eaten, dusty, raw look of traditional photography.

Pink flats with studs. I wear flats only for work (weddings), these are really comfortable and so cute! I love everything with studs! :)

Beloved russet coffer bag bought on Ebay. I need a new one, because this one is really old and worn out :(

This is my lovely lace empire shirt that I got from a friend. Perfect for hot days. Classy yet sexy because of the transparency. One color outfits are fashionable lately, this season especially the white ones :)

Here you can see my fabulous red spring coat. It hasn't got a button or anything, but I usually wear it with a belt. It's kinda 50's. Bought on Ebay :) Underneath there's also my newcomer - camel sheer blouse. It is a XXL piece that was a long nighty. It belonged to my friend (bought in secondstore) from design school and was supposed to be cut to pieces but I have saved it from death :) This is my faveourite color mix for this season - camel + red! <3


1 Tell us your brief profile. (age, education, location, liking, etc)

My name is Natalie aka Charlotte Rouge. I'm 21 and live in Poland. I graduated photography at Warsaw Film School and studied for half and a year at International School of Costume and Fashion Design but I dropped out and started designing clothes. I love to photograph, style and design, can't live without music and art. I am also engaged and organizing a wedding party in a year :)

2 What is your signature style?

Romantic, rock&roll and chic.

3 When and how did you come about establishing your own style and look?

It was a year and a half ago when I started running my blog. It was supposed to be a therapy to finally find time to work on my style. And it helped :)

4 How many antique/vintage items do you have?

Do you really want me to count? :) Ok... give me a sec... At least 20 items.

5 Where do most of your antique/vintage items come from?

Most of them come from the times of high school when I had more time to visit secondhand stores. I also bought some on Polish Ebay. I used to have my own on-line store with vintage pieces. Now I've got only my favourite ones left.

6 Why do you like antique/vintage items?

They are unique and have their secret history. I love romantic vintage things, because almost nobody makes them these days, at least not in Poland...

7 Do you have any antique/vintage treasured items in your closet...can you tell us what they are and any stories about them?

Well, actually I have this authentic 50's skirt that brought me luck. When I was like... 14 or 15 I fell in love in 50's style, but couldn't find anything like this in any secondhand store. One friend of my mother's heard about it and gave me this wonderful, checked, high waisted skirt that was sewed in 1950's. I was already a photographer these days and took a photo of myself in this skirt. Soon it won the first prize in an national Canon photo contest for professionals (!). That was a great turn in my life. I think that it made me what I am today :)

8 What was your most recent antique/vintage items purchase?

I bought many items for my new apartment, some I got from friends - you can see them at the pictures - pillows, silver pots, jewelery hanger and many more :)

9 Can you give any tips on how to buy, wear and keep the antique/vintage items?

When it comes to buying there are no rules. You can find vintage treasures everywhere! At your grandma's attic, antiques market, Ebay :) It's very hard to keep them for long. Look at my pink flats, they are really worn out :( You could say the same thing about the russet coffer bag. All we can do is to wear them only for really important and big occasions.

10 What is your key fashion item when you wear the antique/vintage?

It's definitely my black leather handbag. It matches everything!

11 What is your favorite way of styling antique/vintage items? And why?

I like mixing them with new, fresh, trendy clothes. This way I get a look that no one can copy.

12 If you have to suggest antique/vintage items for this summer, what would you choose? And why? (design, color, detail…)

Neon colored pieces like my red coat and lovely little handbags with any color. Also sheer and lace clothes are great for this season. Anything is trendy - you create trends, people! :)


Hope you like it! <3

PS. The other Polish blogger, Madame Julietta (aka MafFashion) is also featured! :) Congrats!


I have awakened and created some great photographs I am really proud of. I have also styled them, you can find some pieces from my collection!
Have a look at my beautiful girls <3


 Here's also a link to a feature of my new editorial with Patrycja @ Design Scene.

Hope you like my new work! ^_^


Thank you for voting! <3 It helped me a lot!

Can you imagine, that there was snow in Poland in May?!