Your Diet For Shrinking Fibroids Naturally

It is thought that more than 20% of women in the United States have some sort of fibroids growing in their uterus. For women of Caribbean or African descent the figure is even higher still. Fibroids are benign growths that can range in size from very small all the way up to several pounds. Some women have absolutely no symptoms at all where others will experience severe menstrual cramping and pain in the pelvis area and they could also have bleeding in between periods as well. There is non-surgical ways of helping including diet for shrinking fibroids.
The first way to help is by adding extra dietary fiber. Fiber comes from all sorts of natural foods. Grains and Fruits and even some vegetables are something we should all be eating more of but if you've been diagnosed with fibroids it's one of the first very easy changes you can make every single day. If you've got a family history of women in your immediate family having fibroids you should take on these diet changes as well because scientific studies are showing that women who eat more fruits and veggies are actually not even developing fibroids in the first place.
Like any other diet you want to stay away from processed foods. When shopping you will find that most of the processed foods contain high amounts of salt, fat and sugar which is something to stay away from. Avoiding foods like this will help your body actually rebalance your hormone levels naturally. So, staying away from things like fast food and highly processed foods will help your diet for shrinking fibroids. Adding more fresh and even frozen foods like frozen fruits and vegetables will help fill you up and curb cravings for the salt and sugar in this sort of food.
There are good fats and bad fats and while on a diet for shrinking fibroids one thing you might want to consider is reading up on the difference between good and bad fat. An example of good fat would be something like fish or avocados which are packed with the good fat your body needs and also contributes to a healthy body. Eating a healthy diet for shrinking fibroids will also help if you've got heavy menstrual flow as well. Cutting out the bad fat in things such as highly processed foods and red meat will actually help your body to have a lighter flow by shrinking those fibroids.
Another thing that might help on a diet for shrinking fibroids is to add more water to your diet. Water helps to flush impurities from our bodies. So instead of drinking the high sugar drinks or even diet soda during the day take a reusable bottle of water on the go with you and that will also with your diet plan actually help in the long run not only make you a healthier person but also help to shrink those fibroids naturally without having to go down the road of surgery. Making healthier choices when it comes to what you eat every day will help you naturally shrink fibroids.
For further information on your diet for shrinking fibroids, you might like to read my blog post on this topic, Main Elements of a Diet For Fibroids.

Shirts & Skirts

Shirt Romwe, Skirt Mango, Heels Stylowe Buty

Shirt Charlotte Rouge, Skirt Romwe, Heels Stylowe Buty

I'm in love with this song and video!

Time to shoot some fashion!

Jacket Romwe, Shoes Stylowe Buty, Sweater Zara, Green crystal ring H&M

Last Sunday I had a chance to photograph for Agata Wojtkiewicz. We shoot in her new boutique in Warsaw, two days before the grand opening. Here are some fun backstage photos and ready lookbook.
Oh, we do love Angelina! :D
Here's Agata and her assistant, Agnieszka. 
Iga looks perfect, don't you think?

I'm visiting Agata on Friday to try on my wedding dress and to get the full view of this marvelous boutique. In the meantime - you can go and go there yourselves, it's in the center of fashion world -  Mokotowska 65, Warsaw.

Oh! And I have some big news! I won Malibook & Glamour contest! What a great surprise!
That maxi skirt kills every contest! :D
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Zombies, Run! - Best iPhone Fitness App Review

After exercise my second best hobby is technology. So you can imagine how excited I am when I find something that combines both.
One thing that is so important when working out is that you are having fun. It has been proven that working out, whether weights or running, lowers stress levels and relaxes you, so why not make it fun as well so that you get the full package?
This all comes about from a new product that I stumbled upon the other day. No, its not a new channel on the Treadmill, it is an app for ios and Android. It is one that will get you out running on the streets and in a fun twist you will be a part of the game. The game is called Zombies, Run! Do not judge a book by its cover, this is no kids' game.
The game sets the scene as if are a survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse and you are part of a rebuilding civilisation and are sent out on missions, thus find yourself on the run from the drooling hordes, so you can see how it could work with motivation. And believe me, it DOES work, the sound effects are astonishing, at certain points you hear the moans of the undead getting louder in your headphones and you will soon find yourself picking up the pace. However, the game is much deeper than that, broken up into 'missions' with radio transmissions providing the back-story. So you have been on the run and collected the medicine, now you are back home and who deserves it the most? What needs to be built next? The more you play the more missions and runs are unlocked in order to keep the story progressing and you out on the road.
Through all of the missions and gaming elements there are sound physical benefits to this app, such as the 'Zombie Chases' mode that is essentially interval training but with zombie hordes dictating the speed, which may sound like a gimmick but if you let yourself be immersed then you will get your heart rate up and be sprinting longer than you thought you could in a few sessions.
Overall this is a fantastic little app and if you are lacking motivation when it comes to road running (also works on Treadmills ) then you should really check this out and it will have you up and running for your life in no time!

This is war

OMG, you can't imagine how happy I am because of the spring! I can finally not wear two pair of socks and so many layers!
I'm slowly getting back to health so prepare for some new outfits! In the meantime I am working on my new collection. Just few more days and I will strike you with something really beautiful! I already have some pieces ready and I gotta tell you - they're pretty amazing! So much for my modesty ;) Stay tuned for more info :)

Jacket, Shirt, Bag & Boots & Jeans & Sweater & Headband H&M, sunglasses ZARA

Level 511

I had to take few days off to rest a bit while being sick. I found the time to show you my latest photographs. Here's a commercial shoot for Hotel Level 511. The art director loved my designs, so many Charlotte Rouge pieces are featured. Hope you like the effects!


Photography: Me & M.
Models: Klaudia, Meggie @ WonderModels, Robert Ryzek
Style, Makeup and Hair: BOOMTEAM

5 Must-Do's to Get You Ready for Summer

Do you feel like a wilted flower in desperate need of sunshine? Don't worry; these 5 must-do ideas will have you feeling great and ready to show some skin. The promise of future sunny days can help renew your commitment to living life to the fullest. Sometimes it takes a goal in mind, like summer weather, to look forward to and give you fresh motivation.
1. Fuel your body. Eating healthy can boost your mood and give you energy for some fun in the sun. Try looking up seasonal recipes and ingredients that inspire you to eat healthy. Look at your schedule and see where you tend to let things slide when it comes to eating the best food for your body. You could prepare some easy and healthy recipes ahead of time to bring to work, or make an effort to stock your fridge with healthy snack options.
2. Fuel your mind. There are many ways to fuel your mind--it all depends on taking the time to do an activity you love. Find something that intrigues you and sparks your curiosity. Take a class and learn a new skill, like a language, cooking, or pottery. Go to the bookstore and pick out something from a different genre or author than what you usually read. Starting a new hobby or developing your interest in an area you have always been curious about is a great way to fuel your mind.
3. De-clutter your environment. Sometimes your home can be a reflection of other areas in your life, so make time to put everything back in order and do some spring-cleaning. If there are particularly cluttered areas of your home that have always bothered you, do some research and find a way to finally organize it. It's amazing how relaxing it can be to know your home is clean and de-cluttered, which gives you time to really enjoy those sunny days.
4. Flex your muscles. Cardio is important, but nothing gives you that toned, lean look like strong muscles. Not only will you feel stronger and ready to take on all kinds of summer activities, it will give you the confidence to show some skin in your favorite summer outfits. If you are intimated by the thought of lifting weights without guidance, hire a personal trainer for 30 days or enroll in a strength training class at your local gym.
5. Plan a trip! Nothing can help get you motivated like planning for a special event. Whether it's a long weekend or an exotic get-a-way, having a destination goal is a great way to keep you on track. Even a small day trip to the beach or a local destination can get you in the summer spirit. Take the time to plan something this summer that you can turn to for motivation and excitement.
Keri Murphy with Inspired Living is devoted to inspiring and empowering others to live out their best life possible. As a coach and speaker, Keri has used her own life experiences to inspire others to use their obstacles as stepping-stones in order to reach their highest goals and aspirations. She has also appeared in numerous commercials, infomercials, videos,and independent films.

From now on

Shirt Mixmoss, Wedges Barbierawk, Bag & Sweater H&M, Necklace Charlotte Rouge

Dress MixMoss, Shoes Stylowe Buty, Bag and vest Zara.

And here's a little something for Polish readers! & Lancome gives the great opportunity to take part in a spring makeover! Click here for details!

Spring spring spring!

New bag, new shoes, new clothes! ^__^
Although I'm irrevocably in love with pastels, I'm coming back to black this year.

Shirt, Maxi skirt Charlotte Rouge, Bag H&M

Wedges Barbierawk,Shirt, necklace and skirt Charlotte Rouge

I've been featured in Elle again! ^_^

Anatomical Edu-Tainment

In 2005, The Virginian Pilot featured an article on the various traveling anatomical art shows. One of them, 'The Universe Within', would be in San Francisco while I was there. I was eager to see this show glorifying the design of the human body as art.
I was prepared to be enchanted.
The room at the Masonic Auditorium was filled with bodies and body parts, not unlike my anatomy lab of yore. But there the difference ended.
All the bodies were small Orientals. Not unusual, I reassured myself, the show originated in China. But the single race show made concerns ping through my mind. I was troubled with the lack of diversity. Would this show be accepted if a different sole race were illustrated? How would I feel, what would it mean, if the bodies on display were all Black, all Middle Eastern, or even all Jewish? What if the show had originated out of Europe's concentration camps? And then there's the question of consent; had the previous occupants of these bodies or their families consented to their remains being flown around the world to be gawked at, or had this been a decision by the Chinese government? I was uneasy.
My dis-ease grew. Several of the bodies had been displayed in a manner meant to be whimsical. One body, sans skin and with flayed muscles, rode a bicycle. Another stood, one arm akimbo, with the other hand holding up a hanger on which his entire epidermis hung like a suit of clothes. Morbidly fascinated, I crept closer...eep. They had cut the eyebrows out of the face skin and reattached them above the eyes. In fact, all the artistically dissected corpses still had eyebrows.
When I lived in the Philippines during my Navy father's assignment there, a favorite gift purchase by the military stationed there were sets of taxidermy frogs, displayed engaged in various activities like playing in rock bands. Frogs seated at tiny drum sets, sticks in their hands(?). Frogs standing with miniature electric guitars slung over their shoulders, frozen in a riff. My adolescent mind knew that they were gross.
Today's anatomy as edu-tainment proved too gross for me. The respect that we were taught for the bodies donated for medical dissection seemed lacking in this venue. Mortified for my part in supporting this desecration of the dead, I scurried out to tour Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf.
I don't regard myself as either squeamish or prissy. However, I'm also a bit grossed out that Roy Rogers stuffed Trigger (which to me is only acceptable if Roy made arrangements for he himself to be stuffed later and mounted in the saddle.) Does this sort of show enhance the anatomical education of the masses, with the end justifying the means?

I just can get enough...

Of mint, of course! ❤

Leggins Daddyz, Flats Le Bunny Bleu

Do you remember this ad? ❤ I couldn't get it out of my mind in 2006! ;)

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