Be a chic woman, wear a trench coat!

I've finally bought my very first and perfect trench coat! ^.^ I've been dreaming about it for a couple of moths, but I couldn't find the ideal one in any store. Allegro (Polish Ebay) turned out to be a great source of cheap and unique pieces.  I took the risk and I bought it without trying it on. It's just like I imagined: light color, knee length, belted waist, skirted shape, puffy sleeves... love it! <3 (I could only wish for military flaps). Now I can welcome spring with opened arms! ^^


Trench coat H&M 2010
Blouse with puffy sleeves RESERVED 2009
Faux leather dress ZARA 2009
Leggings MANGO 2009
High heels ZARA 2009
Bug ZARA 2007


I'm selling some of my clothes. Check them out! Maybe you'll like them :) Here's my account: charlotte-rouge


I've lost the point of writing, addressing my notes to any reader. There are many views, but almost none comments. Yet, I'd like to thank Madlen for featuring my blog.

I'm going to make a little break.

My virtual soulmate.

It's sunny - finally! ^^ I feel like wearing only light and romantic clothes now. I know, I know... it's cold, but still... ;) SPRING! COME ON!


Shirt H&M 2007
Skirt H&M 2007
Socks H&M 2007
High heels H&M 2007
Necklace with a heart H&M 2007
Coffer Secondhand Store

Oh, looks like I'm all in H&M from 2007 collection ;D


Recently I've bought new ELLE magazine (Polish issue). There's an interview with Tom Ford in it. I feel like he could be my soulmate if we ever met. He's a handsome and intelligent man, great designer and movie director. I can't wait to see 'A single man'. I already think it's a masterpiece. So, let me quote Tom:

"You can dress up and walk in an empty room, but no one's impressed.  You don't contribute, you don't take the floor."

"My inner world is completely connected to the outside. If my house is in bad state, than I am too. I need balance."


So - go and buy new ELLE! There's more than just an interview inside ;)

RIP, my dear friend | Office at home

I lost this evening my favorite, beloved black scarf in the mall ;( It's the middle of the night. I can't sleep. My neck feels cold already, my clothes weep for a friend. I'm in a deep grief ;(

Where will I find such a great scarf again!?


Office at home

As you know, I run my own business. Meaning - I sit at home all the time and don't need to go to the office every day or wear smart clothes. But as a owner of the company I need to look always good and elegant. What I love to do is mixing t-shirts with classic, black, chic skirts or smart trousers. I told you lately about buying a t-shirt with a skull in ZARA lately. Well, here it is! Oh, sorry, it's under the skirt ;) I'll show it next time ;)
So this is my "smart casual code":


Top (underneath) H&M 2009
Shirt ZARA 2010
Oversized sweater STRADIVARIUS 2009
Skirt MANGO 2009
Tights H&M 2008
Necklace PROMOD 2007
Bag ZARA 2007
High heels ALDO 2009

We've just finished Final Fantasy XII game. I've been inspired by one of the characters, Viera (it's a society) named Fran. She is tall, fit, sexy and has bunny ears ^^ If I go to a costume party I'd definitely choose Fran's outfit (but where I'd find that kind of clothes - I've got no idea! :D)! Check it out:


All I want for 2010 is... - part 1.

I've been playing with my old white shirt with puffy sleeves from H&M. I wanted to wear a t-shirt or a dress on it, but I ended up with a tanktop underneath it ;) Maybe another day I'll come up with more unusual solution. So for now:


Jacket ZARA 2009
Shirt H&M 2008
Top MANGO 2009
Jeans H&M 2010
Woolen loose hat H&M 2007
Scarf H&M 2008
Golden chain (my mother's), Necklace H&M 2007
Bag ZARA 2007
Flat ankle boots 2009

There are some things, that could add some style to my sets, but somehow I haven't got them yet. So it's time to make a wishlist:

1. A black man's hat (panama or retro styled) - I had one, but I lost it in England at the airport. Since then I've never found a perfect one in my size.
2. Multi-strap/gladiator flats/sandals. I'd love to wear them with socks <3
3. A white or nude dress. I just feel like a cute angel in that kind of clothes ^.^
4. Retro denim jumpsuit. It's mannish, sporty and sexy in the same way. I love Cherrie Currie's look in 'The Runaways' movie. I can't wait to see it! ^^
5. Bunny ears! I wish I could buy them, but they're nowhere to be found :( I guess I'll have to sew them by myself. Stay tuned for the effects! ;)
6. Brown cowboy ankle boots. I'd wear them in summer with my flower dresses and shorts.

Hope to get 'em soon, cause the list grows longer!

what i want - part 1

A little bit of love.

We've never made a big deal of Valentine's Day, but this year we thought that it's a great reason not to make ourself dinner, watch romantic movies, wear something chic, take some photos and go out to a fancy restaurant ;)

1. Movies
It's a miracle! One day - two great romantic comedies. Both are funny, intelligent and unpredictable.
a) Rebound (imdb, trailer)
b) Good Luck Chuck (imdb, trailer)
2. Valentine's Photo shoot! (starring: me and m. :*)

3. Dinner


Coat H&M 2008 (in original it's long and it looks like a jedi gown, so I cut it to get a 50's look ;))
Dress ZARA 2009
High heels H&M 2007
Black purse SecondHand

4. Bonus/Dessert ;)
It's a hot chocolate pudding made by my M. <3 Here's the recipe (only Polish, sorry :()

Remember! Valetine's Day doesn't have to be cheesy! Do what you love to do and make yourself and your beloved happy :)

PS. I really start feeling lonely and cut dead :( Seems like my posts aren't a bit interesting, nobody comments (besides Aprilsky :*), nobody writes to me :( So please, if you speak Polish or English and like what I do or wear - write a word or two to make me happy ^.^

Black and white. Charm and fight!

I bought today (I know, again ;)) a freaky t-shirt with skull and a sweet skirt in ZARA. I want to wear them both together, but now I give you a bold mix - gloomy black with enchanting white. I love the combination of colors, but this skirt is a novelty for me. It's not high quality, the silk parts haven't got seams and the threads droop. So check it out:


Blouse with puff sleeves RESERVED 2009
Vest ZARA 2009
Skirt ZARA 2009
Tights TOPSHOP 2009
Ankle flat boots 2009

I've been thinking lately about my wedding coming up. Well... it's high time I started doing something about it! I already have many inspirations (lots of photos from American weddings), the dress design (A., thank you for making it possible!), a guest list and many expectations. The worst part is that we can't find the perfect venue for the ceremony and reception! We've been searching all over the web, asking friends and people met at other weddings. The conclusion is only one - there is no ideal place in Poland, that would hit the spot! ;( I just dream of getting abroad with all our friends and family... Hawai, France or Italy... Well, I can't give up, so I'm gonna search deeper and I'm gonna find that visionary fancy hotel with restaurant, big magical garden and beautiful interior design! :) I'd like to show you some of my inspirations and ideas.

1. We dreamed of having a 3-day party. Friday evening - bridal and groom's shower. Sunday - sunset, ceremony in the garden under a monumental tree, reception in the garden or orangery. Sunday - walking, talking, relaxing in the great garden, goodbye dinner and... honey moon ;) Unfortunately - there is not enough money, there is no such hotel with great garden and orangery. Anyway, my dreams...


2. Main colors: dirty white, silver, brown, violet, dark green (when chic and fancy) or pastels (when country and vintage). I like it better in pastels or monochromatic ;)


3. The gown and the suit.


4. The... second dress and the second suit (on Sunday) ;) Country-cocktail style ;) We are both gonna wear Converse shoes ;)


5. We love those tiny cakes and sweets in one color!


6. All those details, that make this moment perfect, unique and impressive - candles and little lamps, decorations, flowers, service...


Awww... I can't wait 'till we be standing at the altar and having fun... ^___^

No idea for a title.

Ooh, I've been so long off-line because of mental and physical problem. But! I'm slowly going back on two feet and I bring you fresh new sets! :) I've been shopping lately and found in H&M elastic slims with high waist. I wanted black, but they had only dark and light blue. Well, I'll buy black ones next time :D In both sets I use these jeans, gray sweater and ankle boots on low heels. A black leather belt and black hand purse add some chic.

I love the angel look! <3 I love white, beige, lace, silk and transparency.

Angel look

Lace Blouse  with flower pin YESSTYLE.COM 2008
Blouse (underneath) ZARA 2009
Sweater H&M 2008
Belt H&M 2008
Jeans H&M 2010
Boots ZARA 2009
Cross body bag with studs STRADIVARIUS 2009
Earrings FINAL FANTASY VIII (a gift from M. :*)

Lace with grace

Here you can see a mix of office and casual look. A news for me are tights/socks. I have plenty of them, but never got courage to wear them. The shirt is the same from my Christmas sets. Enjoy!


Shirt Amaranto 2009
Sweater H&M 2008
Belt H&M 2008
Tights C&A 2008
Jeans H&M 2010
Boots ZARA 2009
Black purse SecondHand