All I want for 2010 is... - part 1.

I've been playing with my old white shirt with puffy sleeves from H&M. I wanted to wear a t-shirt or a dress on it, but I ended up with a tanktop underneath it ;) Maybe another day I'll come up with more unusual solution. So for now:


Jacket ZARA 2009
Shirt H&M 2008
Top MANGO 2009
Jeans H&M 2010
Woolen loose hat H&M 2007
Scarf H&M 2008
Golden chain (my mother's), Necklace H&M 2007
Bag ZARA 2007
Flat ankle boots 2009

There are some things, that could add some style to my sets, but somehow I haven't got them yet. So it's time to make a wishlist:

1. A black man's hat (panama or retro styled) - I had one, but I lost it in England at the airport. Since then I've never found a perfect one in my size.
2. Multi-strap/gladiator flats/sandals. I'd love to wear them with socks <3
3. A white or nude dress. I just feel like a cute angel in that kind of clothes ^.^
4. Retro denim jumpsuit. It's mannish, sporty and sexy in the same way. I love Cherrie Currie's look in 'The Runaways' movie. I can't wait to see it! ^^
5. Bunny ears! I wish I could buy them, but they're nowhere to be found :( I guess I'll have to sew them by myself. Stay tuned for the effects! ;)
6. Brown cowboy ankle boots. I'd wear them in summer with my flower dresses and shorts.

Hope to get 'em soon, cause the list grows longer!

what i want - part 1