Heavy feather

Remember my latest DIY entry about tees and a blazer? Well here's the blazer again, but with some alteration. I added feathers on sleeves and a chain. I think it's done now :)

I bought the dress few days ago from Agatiszka. I was looking for a perfect lace mini for a long time. Fortunately, while reading Agata's blog, I found some information about sale. It's gorgeous! Fits me perfectly! <3

I've got this great idea about clothes with feather! Soon I'll show you some drawings :) I love this feeling of drive, motiviation! Feels almost insane!
To say the truth, long before I started studying fashion design, I had this crazy dream about feather dresses, reaching nature mixed with baroque shapes... I knew from that day, that soon feathers will be in fashion. Just take a look at Alexander McQueen's SS 2011 collection... :)

Continuing on Blogger.

As you can see I have moved my blog (fortunately with all archives) to blogspot platform. Hope this one will be more easygoing and accessible. But, no more technical issues. Time for some outfits! ^_^

Yesterday was crazy and full of surprises. My blog hit over 1000 views, my birthday look got over 1400 hypes... I have also appeared today at Leaders' Stats on Lookbook! I really appreciate your support and hope you'll stay tuned with me, because I've got so many things to show you!

Kisses and hugs!

Happy birthday to meee ^_^

Thank you, loves for wishes! I really appreciate your support and believe in me! <3

This birthday photo got the record hype of 700 today! <3

My birthday tee ^_^

It was supposed to be a crazy day, but  suddenly and unfortunately my friend Agata called in the morning to postpone the trying on wedding dresses and dinner because of her illness :( It has ruined my day. Sad and disappointed I decided to come to my parents country house and prepare some clothes for school. My dear M. made a perfect birthday cake (chocolate with strawberries) and delicious pizza! I've made a baroque dress with my mom and drunk Italian wine with my father ;)


Dimestore Diamond

It's my 21th birthday tomorrow... What could I wish for? I feel it... becoming older and it scares me. I guess I can only wish for my life being the way it's always been - full of love, creation, art, surprises and... clothes :D

I'm heading tomorrow to Łódź - city of fashion - to visit my friend, Agata Wojtkiewicz. I'm going to try on some wedding dresses, so that we know which style fits me best and so we can start designing my own gown ^_^

PS. I am ready to admit that I'm a shopaholic. I am obsessed when I see something I can't afford. But hopefully I know the limit :)

Italia, Italia...

I'm back and have prepared for you a short reportage from my camera and phone :) Hope you'll find it inspiring.

Italy is wonderful <3 I especially loved Ravenna for its beautiful architecture, narrow streets and quiet, cameral atmosphere. Bologna was instead very crowded and full of life. We also went for a trip around Tuscany. The landscapes were incredible! We had only one sunny day, it was also very cold, but the photoshoot we planned to do went off well. We are really disappointed with the food in Italy. I love pasta and pizza, I hoped for excellent solutions and mixes of flavours, but all we got was simple (and even burnt!) pizza or noodles with tomato sauce. Our big problem was 5-hour fiesta, that restaurants had in dinnertime. We were hungry looking for anyplace open, but had to wait till 7 p.m. to eat something more than a sweet cake.  A big problem was also language barrier- not every store or restaurant have a worker speaking English. Most of the menus aren't written in English, the information on stations were unclear. We also had some bad experience on road, got lost, but in the end we were happy and had some great time:)

I bought few days ago great, elastic beige riding pants. They were just perfect for a flight in poky plane. For the next days of our stay I was wearing everything that I had, just to warm myself a little bit more.

I know I'll come back to see more. Next time in summer :)