Sleeveles trench coat

 I was away for the weekend, I spent some time with my friends and loaded my batteries for a very busy summer. We had a great time, we prepared some great meals together! I am so motivated to 'work' in the kitchen lately! I was wondering if you would be interested in seeing all those yummy stuff we're making...? I already posted some photos on my facebook or instagram.
I have some great ideas for Charlotte Rouge. I hope I'll be able to fulfill them soon... But for now - here am I in Charlotte Rouge sleeveless trench. I gotta say it's great for business meeting on a hot day ;)

I decided to write short notes in Polish since I've been deleted from personal style bloggers' list.

Wyjechałam na weekend by naładować baterie i spędzić czas z przyjaciółmi. Było świetnie, przygotowaliśmy niezłe posiłki razem! Jestem mocno zmotywowana by 'pracować' więcej w kuchni. Zastanawiam się, czy chcielibyście zobaczyć na blogu te pyszności? Aktualnie są do obejrzenia na facebooku i instagramie.
Mam wiele świetnych pomysłów dla Charlotte Rouge. Mam nadzieję, że będę miała możliwość wkrótce je zrealizować... A tym czasem poniżej ja w płaszczu Charlotte Rouge bez rękawów. Muszę przyznać, że jest idealny na biznesowe spotkanie w gorący dzień. 

I don't know if you've already seen Charlotte Rouge sale on If not - don't hesitate to check it out! You can shop via my new online store or facebook
 Nie wiem, czy widzieliście już wyprzedaż ubrań Charlotte Rouge na Jeśli nie - rzućcie okiem! Możecie robić zakupy przez nowy sklep internetowy i facebooka.

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So far from your weapon

I took some photos of myself after the shoot with Weronika ;) I gotta tell you, that girl will rock the fashion world!
High waisted jeans RIVER ISLAND, Top 7MOODS, jacket CHARLOTTE ROUGE, wedges STYLOWE BUTY

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Inspiration mix

I don't do it very often, but lately I'm in need of inspiration. Watching beautiful pictures on other blogs gives me kinda an aesthetic orgasm. I wonder if you feel so too ;)

Hawaii? Why not?

Skirt Agata Wojtkiewicz, Shirt & Wedges & Bracelets RIVER ISLAND

Oh, how I wish I could travel all the time!
I saw The Descendants movie last night, what a beautiful place Hawaii is! ♥ 

Hey guys! Don't forget about my last giveaway! There's a Charlotte Rouge sexy top to win!

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Meet Charlotte!

Day 1. Giveaway winner is... 
Małgorzata Twardowska 

 'To młoda kobieta, która delektuje się pięknymi, ulotnymi chwilami.Jest pewna siebie, świadoma swoich zalet ale zarazem bardzo skromna. Emanuje z niej spokój i magnetyczna siła. Jej strój odzwierciedla jej duszę. Taka jest Charlotte Rouge. Klasyczna elegancja plus nowoczesna ekstrawagancja.' 

Congratulations to all of you! We have prepared a little gift for all contestants -
- 20% discount at! 
Thank you!

Sweater ZARA, Leggings RIVER ISLAND, t-shirt ZARA, bag H&M, platforms Jeffrey Campbell, lipstick LANCOME, sunglasses ZARA

You all still have a chance to win Charlotte Rouge stuff in another contest ;) 

Prepare a collage or a photo of an outstanding outfit with a simple white top - be creative!
Details here!



Meet Weronika, she's a new face of WonderModels! I took some test photos of her in Charlotte Rouge clothes. What do you think? Isn't she gorgeous?
Would you like to get that sexy top she's wearing?

Day 2. Charlotte Rouge crop top giveaway

1. Like Charlotte Rouge on Facebook and share publicly information about our birthday giveaway.
2. Leave a comment under this post with your email, facebook name and...
3. Tell us how to style a top like this one so you don't look boring - email or attach here photos, collages or just write it down.

Deadline: Friday (June 15th, 12 pm)
A winner will be picked by me on Saturday (June 16th).

Happy birthday, Charlotte! Giveaway!

Omg, can you imagine that exactly a year ago I released my first collection?! It's a wonderful feeling to gather so many fans through this short time! I'd like to thank you once again for supporting me and my work. I have prepared a weekend full of surprises for you, so we can all celebrate :) 

Day 1. Charlotte Rouge velvet sweater giveaway

Oversized white velvet crop sweater with studded collar, size 34-38
 What do you have to do to get it?

1. Like Charlotte Rouge on Facebook and share publicly information about our birthday giveaway.
2. Leave a comment under this post with your email and facebook name and...
3. Tell us who Charlotte Rouge is for you? How do you imagine this girl?

I've got many messages from you, asking to give you some more time - here you go!
Deadline: Saturday (June 9th, 12 pm)
A winner will be picked by me on Monday (June 11th).

You also have an opportunity to meet me and make some shopping on Sunday :)
Come to Warsaw for Dilemmas market!
I hope to see you there!