Let's go backstage!

As everything is settling down and I am going back to my daily activities, I'd like to share with you memories of working on my first collection.

First of all - gathering the materials was harder than I would ever suppose. Me an M. drove in January around the city for 5 days to find the perfect fabrics, threads and tiny details like buckles, zips, etc. When we finally started sewing, suddenly my first sewer decided, that this designs are too hard for her to tailor and I had to find another one! What a nice lady, huh? :D Fortunately I knew Ela, who sewed some swimsuits for me before. I tried to help her everyday with everything I could, but in March I had to look for a new apartment out of the blue and then renovate it. Everything slowed down... In the meantime I was working on the website and logo. We were supposed to finish on April 1st. There were lookbook, campaign and promotional video to make. In the end I had to postpone the premiere to June 1st... Well, next time I'll start earlier :)
Many of you were very excited about the video, so I wanted to share these backstage photos and some shortcut of how it looked on the other side of the lens ;) The first day of shooting took place at the Projekt NOD concert. Next day, right after sunrise, we filmed in the city (we had got get up at 3.00 a.m.). Then we had only 40 minutes to shoot Hubert's (the male model) parts. It was 8.00 and as we already were in the apartment we did the make up and dressing up parts. After that we went to 'Vincent' cafe and bakery to shoot some coffee time ;) Right after that we went to sleep for few hours and went back shooting by the sunset and twilight. You can see now, that it was very hard to film all in one day, but we did it and I think the effects were worth trouble :)

Concert took place in 'Obiekt Znaleziony' in Warsaw 
Keeping Meggie warm.
We shoot hot scenes in my new apartment. You see my bedroom here :)
Guys from Only Only were totally committed!

Vincent Cafe is at Nowy Świat Steet in the Old Town, Warsaw.

Photos by me & M.

Business look

A big post is coming up! ^_^

Deliverance SS11 Lookbook by Charlotte Rouge

Charlotte Rouge - Deliverance SS11
All clothes and accessories available in my on-line store!

Deliverance SS11 by Charlotte Rouge

Although I don't like giving names, 'Deliverance' seemed to be the perfect word to describe my first collection of clothes.
Most awaited moment in my life... Here it is people!

These are some photos from the campaign and what's interesting I put here some outtakes that won't see anywhere else <3

Posing my beautiful Meggie from WonderModels.
Photos taken by me.
All clothes and jewelery by Charlotte Rouge.

On my new site you will read something about me and the brand, you can see the campaign photos, lookbook and of course... buy some clothes ^_^

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