I know it's late, but my day was really long - I have cleaned my parents house, made shopping, visited my grandma, had a biiig dinner... well, anyways - Christmas Eve is time for presents so... I have one for you, my dearest readers!

For the last 2 weeks I have been working hard on my two dresses designs to become real garments. Why? Well... I got an invitation for HARPER'S BAZAAR (Czech edition)!!! ^__^ My friend, a stylist, Magda was arranging a fashion photoshoot for HB and needed some romantic spring pieces, asked me to design and sew some. I didn't hesitate and started cooperation with Eliza and Werka from Eliwer, because they were my first association with pastel flower look. Well here is a short photo story - from drawing to a cloth.

One dress (gray) I sew almost myself and the other one (pink) is made by the professional sewer. I love this lady and we will definitely work on my collection together! ^_^And speaking of which... we (me and Eliwer) are going to make a romantic, power-flower collection from summer! ^_^

So many things happening! I am so happy, you can't imagine! ^_____^ I am so amazed how I managed to create a dress like that with no school!

The editorial is not such a sure thing, but still - it motivates! Hope the photoshoot will go well and the editors will like it ^_^ It feels so weird, because for the first time I am not a photographer in a photoshoot that excites me so much! I love learning how does it feel to be a designer!

So... What do you think? :) Do you like these dresses?