Vintage mobile phone case - DIY

Here's a sneak peak of my new corset which I got for my birthday from my mum ^_^ I'll post some more shots soon.

I always liked to do everything on my own - but only if I could do it well ;) Since I own a sewing machine I try to sew a lot. I needed a new mobile phone case, because I bought a new (very big :() phone, so... I decided to make one :) I had some cloth (left from a curtain from IKEA) and an old brooch I stole from my mum ^_^ They are both in kinda baroque style and I thought that they must go with each other.
So - my point is - if you can sew (by hand or with a sewing machine) and you want to do for yourself or for anyone else (for example: a Christmas present made by heart)... Here is a tutorial how to make a simple mobile phone case! :)

1. Cut a shape from a fabric that matches the size of your phone (it has to be twice bigger on the side if you are folding it).
2. Turn it on the left and hem (with a strengthened stitch) the struggling sides of the fabric.

Here are my hemming options
(you can see a photo with Andrej Pejic on wallpaper ;))

3. Fold inside (about 1 cm) the top part, and sew the fold together (with a simple stitch).
Next sew (with a simple stitch) 3 sides together (left, bottom, right), so there is a whole on the top.
My piece of fabric is folded on the left side, so I only needed to sew the bottom and the right side.

4. Turn it on the right side and push the bottom corners out with a finger or a pen.

5. Add anything you want - a brooch like I did, or anything else you like (studs, sequins, etc.).
6. And it's... done :)

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