Fashion Business Conference & Ola Kawałko's fashion show

You already know, that I was attending an event called Fashion Business Conference on the 9th of December. I even brought my fiancée with me, met some friends - Maldoror, who's a Polish designer and Magdalena Olek, who runs a new fashion website called 'Looksfery'. More about them you'll hear from me soon, but for now I'd like to share my opinion about this event...

Photos by: 1. (left) M. 2.(right) Oktawian Górnik

First of all the location - a studio with great space and climate, lightning was stirring! Second - the substance of the conference - very informative, less teaching. What I've found most useful was subject of e-tail - on-line shops and relevant issues. I'm gonna use this knowledge while starting my own store :) The lunch - terrible - we missed it, couldn't even get a bite - definitely it was too small (in quantity and dimension). Frequency - terrible too. Only in the middle of the event there were about 40-50 people, but in the end... not more than 20. The price too high, the promotion too low. I enjoyed it, but so could a lot more people... Anyways - it's the first edition - hope the next ones will be better :)
And the fashion show... splendid! Although the debuting designer, Ola Kawałko, was very nervous and so where the models, the show looked very professional! Music was wonderful - energetic, sensual, had this great rhythm. And the collection is wonderful! <3
Like I said in my previous post, a model from my agency, Meggie, had her first fashion show and she did great! <3
Wanna see more? Check out my reportage:

Me and Meg <3

Oh, I want those wedges so badly!

I absolutely adore her <3

M. <3

I love this photo <3