Ola Kawałko - new face of fashion design

I first met Ola when I was shooting test photos for my model Kate. This inventive girl enchanted me with her modesty. She evolves so quickly, gets many awards, but behind her great designs she stays still calm, decent... She is the future of fashion - fashion that is true.

Charlotte: What's your story? For what reason are you right here right now?

Ola: Actually, this story doesn't have a proper beginning, because I've been interested in fashion since I can remember. Last year I moved to Warsaw, and that, for sure, was ground-breaking. Since then everything's been happening much faster. Firstly, I begun to study at MSKiPU (International School of Costume and Fashion Design), then there were several contests ( for me the most precious is II award at Polish Fashion Designer Awards), Berlin FW, internship at Natalia Jaroszewska's, and now at Gosia Baczynska's (famous Polish designers). All this experience has been incredibly valuable for me.

Charlotte: Your new collection partially presents unisex values. Nowadays boyfriend jeans are extremely popular, and so is borrowing oversized shirts and tees from boyfriends. In your opinion, is prêt-à-porter gonna look like this in the future?

Ola: Unisex is for sure my personal fascination. Maybe because in my work I tend to cross borders, even those one between gender and bodies. What is more, I believe there is huge potential and so many opportunities in it. Well, it's not just me, because you can see it more and more often on the streets and catwalks. It's hard to stay, though, if that's what future's gonna look like. Prêt-à-porter is unpredictable, unstable, capricious.

Charlotte: Was that your first show? How would you describe the emotions that accompanied it?

Ola: Yes, it was the first time I had a chance to present my whole collection. Emotions were huge, but fortunately I managed to assemble a wonderful, very professional team. Everybody did great, I loved the final result.

Charlotte: How did it happen that it was you who presented the collection on this conference?

Ola: After having been published in one of the polish magazines, the project manager called me and offered me a possibility to organize the show.

Charlotte: What are your plans for the future? Where are we gonna read and hear about you?

Ola: My nearest future is still education and work, finalizing my collections, doing the diploma at MSKPU, maybe going abroad after that. Long story short: fashion all the time. I see no other way for me, it's my whole life.

Be sure to visit Ola's site on Facebook and to watch my reportage from her first show!