Charlotte Rouge on WikiFashion. Baby, I'm howling for you.

Many great opportunities opened.
One of them is being featured in Wikifashion.
It's a great source of information about companies, blogs, clothes... just fashion :)

I'd like show you, what I got for my birthday. It's still not complete, but here are most important things:

First of all - lots of people are crazy about my jewelery. I've always loved chains, pendants and charms, big rings and maxi bracelets. I missed the time, when knuckle dusters were available in stores and can't get any good now :( My necklace with a white feather from TOPSHOP broke down, so my dear M. bought me one necklace with gray feather in River Island and one with a heart pendant in Aldo. We also found a beautiful ring with a bird in New Look. When we were in Italy I bought huge golden beads in H&M. So here they are:

Me and my M. decided to start snowboarding. We almost got broke buying all this required equipment! It's such an expensive sport! At first we wanted to rent boards, but we thought that Christmas is coming, and we both have birthdays, so... we bought ourselves beautiful snowboards!

I never liked this color, but this graphic is so creepy (the little girl looks just like my mum, when she was 10 or so! O.0) and just for fun I chose a retro light pink board.
I ADORE M.'s piece! Unfortunately I always liked men's wear and accessories more, girls' things are always colorful and mostly pink (especially sportswear) :(

I love The Black Keys. Their album 'Brothers' is really great, you gotta hear this!