Fashion in Motion

Yesterday evening I was at Fashion in Motion exhibition. The arrangement of the event was really bad, but the movies are just great. Here are my favorite ones:

For more go to Fashion in Motion website.

This trend of filming fashion rather than photographing is getting bigger. While I was studying photography at Warsaw Film School I had this idea of using my new camera, Canon 5D mark II, to make fashion movies, short stories with my models. First I was inspired by Greg Kadel's short movies. Unfortunately they aren't available on his website anymore. They were so sensual and had beautiful light, frames, everything. The subject could just a beautiful model laying on the bed but the motion was wonderful. Filming became more and more popular with releasing semi- and full professional photo cameras that could record movies. The price and availability of light lenses caused decrease of popularity of traditional camcorders which are very expensive and so are film negatives... Anyways - I'm going to make such movies soon and I'm very excited! ^_^
So here is my Friday evening look:

I've finally used my vintage waist belt and purse. To make the purse cutter I've changed the leather strap for a chain one made of my new necklace :)

Here with my M. <3

Recently i get lots of e-mails from fans and people from fashion industry. There will be a lot of interviews and features with me, so stay tuned. What I'm most excited about is me being drawn by Nathalie Zoa. Every week she's featuring a blogger she admires. Can't wait for my turn ^__^