What is style? What is fashion?

I hate Poland. I see, I hear many opinions, many points of view, so different and contrasting. Every one wants to define style, mostly denying fashion. All I hear is that trends are for foolish people, that it's just an assembly line. Then I see a person, who said that, in new trendy clothes. Some people say that they hate fashion only because everyone else on the street is wearing same clothes. They suffer, 'cause what was defining style for them, now is defining style for mass. Alright - you want to be an individual, but it doesn't mean that you mustn't wear what's 'hot' in season. You can still wear hippie clothes or 80's styled jackets and be yourself. People dressed like you are pissing you off? Ask yourself - what are you stylish for? I'm guessing - to feel good in your skin, to dazzle yourself or the others. And t h e y, oh yes!, they are doing it for the same reasons. They are just looking for their own style. Trying on new trends, wanting to impress someone...

I hate popular Polish magazines. I buy them to see what's in stores now, read some interviews and see editorials, but... They are hypocritical and inconsequent! An article boosts: 'Find in trends what you like. Be real, be honest with yourself' and few pages after trends review: 'Blue high heels - A TOTAL MUST HAVE!' - meaning: if you won't buy them, you be cursed and no one will like you. Pitiful.

Where we can find the balance between fashion denial and being a fashion victim? First of all, you have to understand what really fashion is and where does it come from. You have to know that it's mostly not what great designers 'invent', but what we love! Yes! Trends are set by trendsetters ;) They travel around the world, they analyze people behavior and come up with what we will like in next years. (I have this incredible fun with predicting what will be trendy in future. And I usually have a good guess ^__^). You should also remember, that fashion was here all the time. In the antique times, 20's and 70's. You are often inspired by something you saw before, something that was popular many years ago. So what you should do is to accept fashion and trends. Have fun when your favorite lace dresses or gladiator heels are in stores. And leave alone people that don't have their own, individual style. It's their decision. If they don't condemn you, then you shouldn't do it too.

I hope I don't sound like I am giving Poles the cue. I am just summing up my thoughts. Please, don't take it personal :)

I have bought 2 beautiful spring dresses (one is a jumper, actually ;)), a denim vest, gray tights, white blouse and gladiator sandals.
About the vest - I've made it more personal - added some studs ;) Here are my 2 spring looks:


Trenchcoat H&M 2010
Blouse ZARA 2009
Skirt H&M 2007
Sunglasses H&M 2008
Heels H&M 2007
Tights H&M 2010
Necklaces H&M 2007


Jumper ZARA 2010
Vest H&M 2010 + DiY studs
Slims H&M 2010
Hat ALDO 2010
Ankle boots ZARA 2007
Necklaces H&M 2007