Mary & Magdalene

My new shoot was published exclusively on Ben Trovato Blog with an introducing interview. It's my first fashion story in a long time... We put a lot work in it and I think we all are very proud of effects. Hope you love them too!

 left: Corset: Kawalko. right: Dress: Shumik 100%.
 left: Top and skirt: Shumik 100%. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. right: Dress: Shumik 100%, Belt: Kawalko, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.
 left: Dress: Charlotte Rouge, Skirt: Jarosław Ewert, Cross necklace: Mango. right: Top: Shumik 100%.
 left: Leggings: Kawalko, Flower wreath: Pat Guzik, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. right: Veil: Pat Guzik, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.
 left: Shirt: Charlotte Rouge. right: Body: Shumik 100%

Photography – Me & M.
Styling - Me :)
Makeup artist – Anna Wiśniewska
Set design – Zuza Słomińska
Models – Kate @ WonderModels, Robert Ryzek
Assistants – Marta Kozarzewska, Olga Wyszyńska