Happy 2 years

Yesterday my little blog turned 2 years old. A lot of things happened in 2011, but the most important thing is that I became a fashion designer and my life feels more complete now.
It's December and I finally am free until May, no work, just pleasure... First lazy Saturday I spent on taking narcissistic self-portraits ;)

Blouse Felicee, Ring Romwe, Boots H&M (new!)

Dear Blog, I'm gonna repeat it again and again - I've learned how to dress because of you! I'd like to thank you for being my best friend. And y o u, my dearest readers for sharing love for fashion!

New jewelery by Romwe - great birthday gift!
Shirt H&M, Heels Stylowe Buty

 Ring with studs Romwe, Blouse River Island

And a gift for you - a little sneak peek of my new T-shirts prints! Hope you like it and want more! :)
Tees will be available in January 2012... Stay tuned for more info!