FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland SS12

These 5 days we spent in Łódź were busy but exciting. We saw the fashion week for the first time and fell in love with the idea and with the beautiful city. Unfortunately we couldn't and also didn't want to attend to every show, I tried to pick the most interesting ones, but sadly we missed Custo Barcelona, MMC and Dawid Tomaszewski. It was more exciting to see our little star, Klaudia as a model. I couldn't stop myself - I took so many photographs! Here I put a short story from the whole trip and in next posts I will present to you my friends from FW who I admire. Well... you better get a cup of tea and enjoy! :)

We bought some inspiring photo albums in Bookoff! Actually we went there every day and couldn't stop ourselves from spending money! :D
We stayed at lovely hotel Andels. It was funny to meet journalists and famous people at the breakfast or pool ;)
Lidia Popiel couldn't get rid of attacking photographers ;)
Marcellous L. Jones from Fashion Insider and his lovely dog.
Magdalena Olek from
High Life with Jeffrey Campbell
Michał Szulc
Monika Ptaszek
Zuo Corp
Łukasz Jemioł

Agnieszka Maciejak
Paprocki & Brzozowski
Łucja Wojtala
Aga Puo
Klaudia <3

Natalia Jaroszewska

My looks for these days:

dress Zara + DIY cuts, jacket Charlotte Rouge, bag ZARA

Blazer, corset, skirt Charlotte Rouge, wedges

Skirt, jacket Charlotte Rouge, sweater, cross Mango

Hope you got the view of this event, the atmosphere, fashionable people and fabulous clothes. I got so inspired and motivated! I will definitely participate in the next edition of FW with my collection and photographs! Fingers crossed!