All I want for 2010 is... - part 2

I am desperately looking at shops' displays with tears in my eyes. I want some new clothes so much! But when I also want to survive I can't spend a penny ;( While waiting for money rush, I'll update my 2010 wishlist. Today I've got one wish checked - it's a man's vintage hat (thanks, m ;*)!

1. Light-color man's jacket - I'm so sick of black!
2. High waisted shorts - chic or denim.
3. Denim shirt with short sleeves.
4. Denim vest with studs <3
5. Romantic, loose flower dress.
6. Lots of new over-knee socks and tights <3
7. Lots of lots of jewelery - old watches, big necklaces, feather and flower hair bands.

what i want for 2010

I've joined H&M BLUES contest with my superhero look. I used my old H&M dress from Paris and handmade shoulders that I've dreamed about. I am also going to post more 'denim' look soon.

Dress H&M 2007
Vest ZARA 2009
Tights H&M 2008
Ankle boots ZARA 2008
Gloves PRIMARK 2009
Shoulders with chains HANDMADE