Married! ♥

Haven't been here in a while... but I'm back and updating you!
First of all - I'm married!!! ^_^ The wedding and reception were just perfect ♥ Flowers and decorations, my dress, emotions, people, place & food... Like a fairy tale. First week of May we worked our asses off to make it look like we imagined. Almost everything went well, but I don't mind those little problems since every guest was happy and satisfied. Now we're living on memories and waiting impatiently for the photos.
So I've got a new ring on a finger and a new tattoo on my wrist ;)
Getting ready
Had to change heels to sneakers ;)
 Photobooth with Meggie, Kate, myself and husband! ^_^

We took home almost all decoration flowers after the party. Our apartment looked luxurious for a day ;) 

We spent the honeymoon in Hotel Poziom511 which you might remember from our last fashion shoot with Klaudia and Meggie. Our dear friend, Piotrek, visited us to take some after wedding photographs. Actually my dress didn't make it alive, so I stitched it a bit. Still - it isn't the way it looked on May 12th, so I hope I will be able to show you some photos from the big day and you will see the dress in all its glory ;)
My wedding look:
Agata Wojtkiewicz, Nude heels ZARA, Headband Jennifer Behr, Rings ALDO and River Island, Make Up Artist Sebastian Gradzik/Lancome, Flowers Patykwia

 So, what do you think of my look and the dress? ^_^