French lesson

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French Connection is a clothing company known for doing things a bit differently. From their notoriously quirky ad campaigns, to their downright gleeful flaunting of their slightly off-colour acronym FCUK – which no doubt had your mother blanching in horror the first time she saw it boldly emblazoned across your chest.

French Connection doesn’t shy from stirring up a bit of controversy – remember their infamous Chatroulette competition last spring? To win a shopping spree the brand challenged shoppers to take on the risquй online environment, asking: "Can you prove yourself by venturing into the most terrifying terrain on the internet to seduce a woman?"… It doesn’t get any more controversial than that.

But although the brand is mostly known for their headline-making campaigns and clothing, French Connection footwear has had the fash pack lining up around the block for seasons on end and this spring 2012 is no exception.

It comes as no surprise that a French fashion company is leading the way when it comes to stylish shoes – they were, after all, the first to pick up on the appeal of the high heel. Impress your friends with this fashion fact: the French were the first to start wearing heels, off horseback, and it wasn’t the women who brought the look to the streets - it was French men, who’s heel heights eventually crept up to four inches (giving VB a run for her money!).  Heels caught on with fashion-conscious men and women of the French court and thankfully, for those of us under 1.65 metres, the trend spread far and wide, making the term well-heeled synonymous with wealth and style.

French Connection’s collection for this spring stays true to both French heritage and the label’s penchant for the provocative. The Tiarella Stilettos are French chic to a T, with a naughty wink. The colour is bang on trend with the pastel palate that dominated every runway from Milan to Miami. And combining the ladylike shade with patent leather and a double ankle strap gives a cheeky nod to the beautiful courts of Versailles that’s so perfectly French Connection. Tibet leather sandals, in caramel, while unlikely to create a scandal are also like FCUKs brand – definitely going to catch the eye. 

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