How Alcohol Affects People Differently

Alcohol has its benefits. For one, wine is found to have the ability to reduce the risk of heart and other cardiovascular diseases. Of course, it does not entail that if you are likely to get heart disease (either through your genes or your lifestyle) then you should be drinking wine every now and then. Furthermore, it does not give justice to excessive drinking. You have to remember that alcohol affects people differently and what works as a health comrade for your neighbor may not do the same for you.
Every person who drinks is affected by alcohol in some way. The level or the magnitude of the effect, however, varies depending on the person's build, age, emotional state, mental and physiological dispositions. For example, a man who weighs heavier than his drinking companion can take more alcoholic drinks because his body has more capacity to do so. It works the same if he has more emotional baggage because of the presence of the desire to feel the euphoric effects of the alcohol.
The effects of alcohol in a person may also be defined by the current state of the drinker. If the drinker has eaten before consuming an alcoholic beverage, the absorption of the alcohol is slowed down due to the presence of solid food. The risk of inflammation of the stomach lining is also lessened because the alcohol does not directly get in contact with the stomach. People who also have a bigger tendency to sweat have a slower pace of ingesting alcohol. This is because a small amount of the alcohol is left with the sweat that eventually comes out of the body.
Pregnant women may not immediately feel the effects of the alcohol. But it can be manifested in the long run as their unborn children are exposed to the risk of becoming premature and developing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Breastfeeding would also be discouraged as alcohol may be passed on to the child through the milk-and the substance can consequentially cause brain damage to the baby.
Alcohol is truly an indefinite substance. However much it is glorified by so many others, the fact still remains that it can either work positively or negatively depending on the person who drinks it. But one thing is definite: you have to avoid too much drinking to prevent the many health problems that alcohol can cause. Alcohol can be healthy at some point but you should ask your doctor why and how alcohol become healthy.