Exploring Chronic Sinusitis Treatment and the Effects to Your Immune System

Every year people have to deal with sinusitis. Sinusitis is also known as sinus infection, is the inflammation of the sinus cavities. The sinuses are the air-filled pockets around your cheeks, nose and eyes. Some of the symptoms of sinusitis are pressure around the eyes, jaw pain, runny nose, bloody mucus, and dizziness. For most people these symptoms are acute. That means they have a sudden onset, and will go away with proper treatment. For others, those symptoms are always with them. For those people they need to find some form of Chronic Sinusitis Treatment.
There are several ways to treat sinusitis, both chronic and acute. One is with antibiotics. Medicines like Zithromax and Biaxin have a high success rate for getting rid of acute sinusitis. They get rid of the underlying infection. Once that's gone, there are no problems for the affected person. But, antibiotics do cause problems with a person's gastrointestinal tract. They also cause problems as they weaken the immune system. They also lose effectiveness after a while because they kill off some of the bacteria, but the ones that don't die just get stronger. Antibiotics can help acute sinusitis some, but they aren't good for a long-term Chronic Sinusitis Treatment.
Since antibiotics weaken the immune system, the suffer of chronic sinus infection keeps getting the infection back due to the breaking down of the immune system.
Many chronic sinusitis patients don't want to add chemicals into their bodies. They prefer to use a natural chronic sinusitis treatment. There are several to choose from. They range from using saline wash or spray in the sinuses or changing the environment. Saline solutions, either as wash or spray, moistens dried out tissues, and can kill bacteria. A simple saline spray can be bought at any pharmacy. Or there are products like a Neti pot that can be used to pour a saline wash into the nose.
For an environmental control for the chronic sinusitis sufferer, getting rid of dust and filtering the air helps a lot. An air purifier is an easy way to do it. It also helps to get rid of any allergies that might be causing the ongoing sinusitis.
Chronic sinusitis is defined as lasting 12 weeks or more, with no relief. Or a person who will have the infection coming back several times a year. Using a natural chronic sinusitis treatment can help a person get rid of it and get some relief for the affected person.
Some plant extracts have proven to be very helpful in fighting sinus infections for chronic sufferers since they do not affect the immune system, but rather concentrate only on the sinus area.
Natural remedies are a great alternative the harmful man made drugs that cause so many terrible side effect. After all, natural remedies were here before man made drugs.
If you are suffering from issues that are threatening your life, then by all means, you should be taking your doctor's advice. However there are many illnesses and pain causing issues that can be eliminated with the right combination of plant extracts.
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