FashionWeek Poland - Talents

Magdalena Olek, founder of Looksfery

She is one the most stylish people I know. Consistent, creative, successful photographer and editor, the great inspiration herself. And as if it wasn't enough, she is a supportive and lovable person fascinated by fashion. What a great friend to have!

They recently wrote about me a flattering article which I am very grateful for!
Looksfery - YOU ROCK!

Antonina Dolani 
Very promising photographer! She's my age and she already did some great stuff! We recently did a shoot together, effects are amazing! Can't wait to show them to you, guys! But for now - check out her portfolio
 She shot our beautiful model Kate while being in London, full story to be seen in Shhhutter Mag.
Here's something from herself:

Why photography?
It's probably the hardest question I have ever been asked by someone. I have always seek some artistic field in which I would be good. I started by writing stories and poems, then I did some drawing and collages but always the camera attracted me most, but I never had equipment which I could use to learn photography, until my parents bought a first digital camera when I was 16. Then I got the first digital SLR camera, I started to play with analog camera and had fun in the darkroom. Shortly after I decided to study abroad photography and digital imaging. Once this decision has established there was no turning back.

How's studing in London?
The whole education system in England differs completely from that to which I get used to in Polish schools. Small groups, little theoretical tasks, direct contact with the lecturer. I had a huge amount of hours, which I spent alone with the lecturers talking about my projects. After a while you trust these people and treat them more as friends and mentors than nasty 'teachers'. In England it is the most important thing to learn everything by heart, there is no memory exams, everything is done in practice. they check more your logical thinking and the way how do you cope with problems. It was great to study there, I spent there the most exciting 3 years in my life so far. I wish I could afford taking a master class in photography as well and stay there for another 2 years but unfortunately at the moment this is beyond me financially.

Any plans for future?
Apartment in New York with a swimming pool and terrace, a cover of Vogue every month .... :) eventually cool house in Warsaw, a dog and a lot of work in Poland:)

And advices for young aspiring fashion photographers?
Browse a lot of pictures, read about fashion photographers, take picture sall the time, not with only proffesional models but everything that surrounds you. It helps you get used to looking through the lens and learns quick response. And do not hurry anywhere. In my opinion our generation wants to have too much of everything so quickly. We are too impatient.

Maldoror aka Grzegorz MatlÄ…g and his new collection MBC

I  a d o r e  this collection!
Materials and shapes, inspiration of virgin mary mixed with simple needs of sport cuts are fantastic! Tragic, gothic look in practical garments. I always loved Grzesiek for his flouting, outstanding style, but this one and the last collection are best of all! I'm turning to the Dark Side!