Work, work, work...

Here's my new lace dress from ZARA <3

I feel so stupid for not posting anything since I've promised you to post even more often :( Well I am working again on the collection - the Autumn/Winter one. I have been organizing this wedding of mine and I am stuck retouching photos for clients... summer is only work work work for me. The great thing is that I have found friends that I spend time with. It feels so amazing to have someone to talk to, party with and get help when needed. Lost of things happened since my last post... Few celebrities wore my clothes, which is great! I bought some great clothes at sales <3 I was at the country to rest a bit and now I am going to a nice house in the mountains with friends to celebrate mine and M.'s 9th (!) anniversary :)

Well... many reasons to celebrate and other one is... my upcoming... photography exhibition and Charlotte Rouge fashion show!!! ^_^  All I can say now is that it's going to be in Warsaw (Poland) on August 4th and if you wish to be there with me, email me with your address, so I can send you the invitation! :) It will be great to see you!