Collection sneak peek!

I can finally show you something you have all been waiting for... It's nearly May and I am still not finished with my collection, BUT I'm trying my best. There are still some clothes to be sewed and I've got also some new ideas, so it's gonna take a while until all pieces will be on-line. Now the store is made and the logo... oh, it's a hard one! I think I'll show you some sketches, maybe you'll help me choose one good logo :)

Have I already showed you the new interview with me? :) I think I forgot to do that! So here it is!

I have finally settled down in my new apartment. It's wonderful. I love my wardrobe and I can't wait to show it to you! Soon I'll post something totally about interior desing, furniture and accessories :)

I am also going to spend some time creating some.. photos! Finally! I am so inspired and ready to photograph! I've got crazy ideas for styling and make-up. I just hope I'll find the time to do all this stuff.

Am I complaining all the time? :( I feel guilty and bad for writing so little. I feel like I am letting you, guys, down :(  Well, I gotta tell you... although there are many setbacks, I feel so happy! All I need right now is vacation, some sun, a swimming pool and then... I am ready to work 24/7! :) I've got a lot of new photos, so I promise to update you much often! :)

So here is it. The first view for the collection. I present you a black blazer with studs and sheer sleeves. It's kinda boyfriend and kinda chic with a touch of punk. Plus - here is an earing I made for the collection. Love it! :) So... what do YOU think? ^_^

PS. Have a nice holiday :)