Pencil skirt undead

I am very sorry that I am so quiet, there's a lot of things going on in my life lately. The most important are: wedding planning, moving to another apartment and creating the collection. I will tell you about all of that, but what's more important right now is that the spring is coming! <3

I couldn't afford any shopping since December, so there's not much new stuff in my closet, so I am trying to find some classics. One of them is of course black. Then I have added denim or sheer blouses - my beloved ones lately. Then I thought of something more interesting than slims... oh yes! PENCIL SKIRT! <3 As you can see I love wearing them with belts (on the 2nd picture the new one).
So if you're bored and feel to feminine to wear just jeans and a t-shirt put on a tight skirt! :)

PS. Boooo... *sighs* I didn't win the Artists Wanted contest :( Well, thanks anyway for help - I got over 1000 votes! I love you guys! <3