My very first publication.

Here it is, in Cliché Magazine, my photos and something about me! Too bad, that I wrote in a hurry Zooey like Zoe or brands' names with capital letters and they didn't correct it :(

Remember my first note? I think my fashion therapy is finished! I can officially say that I am not wearing only jeans with blouses anymore! I start every day with a new cloth-set concept and it makes me really happy. I am able to define my style, my inspirations. Of course my wallet is getting lighter now, but I am also trying to refresh my old clothes and selling them too. I just hope I won't stop writing this blog...


I am in love with feathers lately. It's been rainy and cloudy for a couple of days and my looks are dark and mature. Today I've made a feather headband and mixed a Greek/goth look. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Blouse BERSHKA 2009
Jacket TOPSHOP 2008
Leggings MANGO 2009
Scarf BERSHKA 2010
Chains H&M 2009
Necklace TOPSHOP 2009
Feather headband H&M + DiY
Ring ALDO 2009
Boots ZARA 2007

Inspired by feathers, I produced a photo shoot with WonderModels' new face - Kate. It's inspired by tribes, etno and natural spring 2010 trends. I have picked clothes and accesories and of course took photos. Finally we've titled the series 'Walkirie', which is more antique but accurate. It's been published in an online magazine