Me, myself and I = home alone!

Today is all about me! I've got a lot of spare time today so I've been playing with my clothes.

First is a romantic 'swan' that I've been dreaming of. I brought this corset from my old house when I saw latest trends with lingerie.

Skirt ZARA 2009
Heels ALDO 2009
Rings ALDO 2009

I wanted to use those photos for the blog's banner, but wordpress' themes don't match them :(

Second are my next H&M BLUES contest entries:

Pin-Up with my boy's shirt ;)

Shirt HOUSE 2009
Dress H&M 2007
Heels ZARA 2009
Bow band VINTAGE

Boho/hippie/70's styled


Shirt ZARA 2009
Shorts MANGO 2009
Socks H&M 2008
Heels ALDO 2009
Necklaces H&M, TOPSHOP
Bracelet BIJOU  BRIGITTE 2006
Headband DIY

Third is my today's look - back to the 90's!

Tanktop H&M 2009
Shirt BERSHKA 2009
Jacket ZARA 2009
Jeans H&M 2009
Shoes CONVERSE 2009
Bag ZARA 2007
Chains H&M 2009


As you can see - I have had my hair cut! So here I am, sitting in the chair, showing the local hairdresser, that I want the bang to look like this:
And what does she do? She cuts it like this:

She is very talented, isn't she!? Well now I am pissed off, saying to myself for the hundred time that I'll never go to that hairdresser anymore... but I guess when I'll be in a hurry and out of money I do it again... Fortunately, my hair grow up fast.


I just got an email from Nancy, who runs Mode Republic. It's a street fashion flipbook, similar to LOOKBOOK, but containing also Product Matching Engine, which allows you to find and buy clothes similar to what you see on, for example, my photo ;) Stylish people, who add fashion sets, can earn money, when someone inspired buys by Mode Republic engine. I love it!


As you can also see I've made some update in the right column. There are maaaanyyy new links to on-line stores, blogs and inspiring sites. You better go and check them out, or forget&regret :P ;)

Cheers <3