For the last month I've made for myself some headbands. It's time to sum up all that stuff ;) Headbands are surely adding some kind of beauty and charm to a face and to whole outfit. I've got the problem of forgetting to wear them. I need a sticky note on my closet's door saying: 'HEADBAND!' ;) Anyways... if you have some spare time just pick a piece of material, a twine or anything else you think you'll never make use of and create an unique headband! ^^


1. A hippie braid made of some twine.
2. Lace - just a piece of material tied on head ;)
3. Bow tie as a bow band ;D
4. Ears - they're flexible so you get a bunny or mickey mouse look; made of wire and black material.

And here is my latest look. I think I happened to look like Agyness Deyn ;D


Jacket ZARA 2009
Dress H&M 2008
Leggings MANGO 2009
Hat ALDO 2010
Ankle boots ZARA 2007


I found on lookbook.nu a beautiful and stylish girl that inspired me. Actually... I think I'm in love with her... ;D No, seriously, her style is brilliant and uniform, the clothes she picks are fitting her so well and she is indeed gorgeous. She is the ideal example of combination of romantic and sexy style. I love how her red hair, pale face and cute blush contrast simple, but edgy clothes. She picks accessory deliberately, shoes are always distinct. Love... <3 So here it is, Tahti Syrjala from Ireland. Go, get inspired!


And my outfit unsuccessfully inspired by her style :(


Blouse with puffy sleeves RESERVED 2010
Shorts ZARA 2007
Tights H&M 2008
Ankle boots ZARA 2008
Golden necklace PROMOD 2007
Fake pearls C&A 2007

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